Facebook Highlight: Paying for Popularity?

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Don’t you hate it when you post something incredibly witty or interesting on Facebook and it meets with dismal “Likes” or comments? No need to get down on yourself, because it might not be your fault. You see, the fact is, your status updates are only seen by about 12% of your network. TWELVE PERCENT! Now, I’ve never been great at math, but I’m pretty sure that means 88% of your network has no idea how adorable your cat is, how many dirty diapers your kid has each day, what you ate for lunch, or any myriad of similarly themed and equally exciting facts. Shocking, I know!

Now before you start hyperventilating at the thought, relax, because Facebook is about to solve all your popularity problems. Just as the social networking site is on the verge of rolling out its IPO, word has come that it’s testing a new feature—enter “Facebook Highlight.” The idea behind the feature is that people can pay to move their updates to the top of the status heap. And logic would indicate that the longer a status stays at the top, the more likely it is to get “Likes” and comments. Basically, you’re paying for popularity. It’s along the same lines as Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

Now before my business minded friends let their thoughts run wild, there is a slight catch. If the Facebook Highlight feature does ever reach the U.S. (it’s currently being tested in New Zealand), it is only for personal profile pages. In other words, no businesses allowed. I’m sure there’s some sort of a loophole in this system though, and I’m even more sure that somebody will find it.

Facebook is testing a few different fee structures for this new service, but it’s likely that it will start around $2/post. So what are the benefits of Facebook Highlight? I’m soooo glad you asked! I’ve put a lot of thought into it and developed this *ahem* extremely accurate *ahem* list of:

The Top 10 Benefits of Using Facebook Highlight

10. Your peeps will never again have to wonder what you’re up to.

9. It will ease the amount of effort your cyber stalkers have to exert.

8. You no longer have to start conversations with “I don’t know if you saw my post on Facebook. . .” Yeah, they saw it.

7. You’ve been looking for new investment opportunities, and is there really a better place to invest than in yourself?

6. The increased number of comments and likes will result in a self-esteem boost which will likely lead to a promotion, finding the cure to cancer, and world domination. In that order.

5. You can stop posting status updates that say, “I’m trying to figure out if anyone reads my posts. Please ‘Like’ this if you do.”

4. You’ll connect with long lost friends and the world will seem like a smaller place. The best part? It will feel like it revolves around you.

3. Your own status updates will now be the first thing you see when you log onto Facebook. Well hello there!

2. Your Klout score will go through the roof! Can you say perks?

1. Your friends will constantly be reminded of the fact that your life is indeed way better than theirs.


What are some benefits you see to using Facebook Highlight? Would you pay to have your status promoted?