Fight the New Drug on ABC Nightline

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Today I have to give a huge shout out to one of my clients, Fight the New Drug, for being featured in a story on ABC Nightline last night! Fight the New Drug is an organization that is aimed at educating people, teens in particular, about the harmful effects of pornography. Did you know that viewing pornography has the same effect on your brain as taking chemical drugs? Crazy, right? Understanding that tells you what a tough job these guys have. They are so dedicated to the work they do and so committed to helping people get the facts and it’s great to see their movement growing and gaining support. Here is a video I wrote the script for that details their message:

I have worked very closely with Fight the New Drug to create messages that take a complicated topic—the science of how pornography affects the brain—and translate it into language that resonates with teens. In addition to the script for the above video, I’ve written include these science articles, the script for the high school assembly you can see them presenting in the video below, and the following infographic. Right now I’m helping them write scripts for an online pornography addiction treatment program for teens. Pornography addiction is serious business, and it affects so many people. I’m proud to be involved with such a great organization that is committed to getting the word out and helping people fight this new drug. Keep up the good work, guys!